Vivian Tsogas


Vivian Tsogas – President

Having grown up and lived throughout Western Canada, Vivian has always believed that this is an incredibly special place and that everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. When she discovered that there was an industry that promoted western Canada on a corporate level – she had an “aha!” moment and knew that this was her calling; and has had a career spanning over 18 years in the tourism and destination management industry.

With generations of entrepreneurs in the family, it seemed natural to step out as Owner and President of Rare Indigo; building a team of professionals to join her in sharing a passion for awe-inspiring moments in this magical and often surprising destination. Vivian’s philosophy of valuing the team translates into the work produced and the successes celebrated.

When Vivian is not busy brainstorming with the team, you can find her out and about with her kids building the next generation of passionate western Canadians.

Favorite Western Canada experience: Enjoying the culinary delights offered at any one of the many finer dining establishments in both BC and Alberta.

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