Kathy Wong


Kathy Wong – Program Manager

Raised in Vancouver and having lived the majority of her life here, Kathy’s love for West Coast Canada is reinforced every time she sees a guest’s face light up while taking in the experiences that this world-class destination has to offer. Kathy started out as a Program Coordinator with Rare Indigo and has grown with the company sharing her passion. Embracing her position as Program Manager, she plays a big role in collaborating with clients to ensure that programs surpass expectations from start to finish. Kathy is an anti-collector and thrives on being unencumbered by clutter and unfocussed efforts; an attribute that is a foundation of her versatile nature, provides liberty for embracing new challenges, and positively effects the projects she undertakes.

When Kathy is not busy de-cluttering her environment, you will find her singing out loud like no one’s listening or trying out new restaurants in town!

Favourite Western Canada experience:  Exploring the underwater world at the Vancouver Aquarium

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