Celebrate a decade with panache

How do you celebrate a 10-year anniversary with more than 600 employees and buyers from around the world? Surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, a glistening emerald lake, and an incomparable gala at the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.





Reward 10 years of excellence with an anniversary event that recognized the contributions of more than 600 employees and a worldwide network of buyers from regions as diverse as the Middle East, India, China, Europe and the USA. This international chemical manufacturing company selected spectacular Lake Louise in the heart of the Rockies for their 10th Anniversary Program. Rare Indigo was there to make sure the event went off seamlessly from registration to departure and every detail in between.

Project Logistics:

Rare Indigo managed full program logistics for two waves of 300 guests at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. The highlight of the celebration was a multi lingual keynote address by the CEO of the company during the final dinner.

The Challenge:

With guests from around the world, the CEO’s keynote presentation had to be translated phonetically, in real-time into no less than five languages. Four more languages than our technical operators spoke. Simultaneous phonetic translation, advancing the teleprompter, and keeping the subtitles in sync were all part of the challenge.

Action Taken:

Overcoming this challenge was all about working with the right team of people in the small community of Lake Louise. Once the right equipment and translators were found, we were able use picture-within-picture technology so that the audience and presenter screens could view the appropriate subtitles in real time. The operator and translator worked together to ensure that when the CEO was speaking in Arabic, for example, the appropriate transliteration was delivered phonetically in Roman text on his teleprompter and simultaneously the appropriate subtitles appeared on the screen for the audience to follow along.


A flawless transition between languages that allowed the CEO’s message of gratitude and vision for the coming years to be understood by everyone in the audience. Bring on the next 10 years!


“When faced with the task of planning the celebration of a successful decade, a lot of thought goes into not only what should be achieved with the event but also WHO you should entrust with this great responsibility. Rare Indigo really separated themselves from the crowd with their personal touch and compelling ways of describing different options for what could be done to realize our vision. Our event and its objective were an overwhelming success. Thank you Rare Indigo for making this happen.”

Ramesh Ramachandran, CEO, MEGlobal

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